“La bandada” es un grupo de aves que han sido trabajadas en conjunto desde Texas hasta México (Morelia) 2010.

Artist Statement

In my ongoing series “The Black Hole of The Bird Silhouette: Infinity, Energy, Liberty, Individuality”, the bird as a symbol, carries a message of hope, and spiritual expansion. Shape is what defines any individuality within the flock. As an individual I feel as a bird of the flock with my particularities. Inside each silhouette I draw patterns, textures, and figures, without necessarily relating to real birds, but to their particular self. In the small Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico, the black bird (Chango, as called in the Island) is smaller but with the same proportions of the North American bird. I observed similarities that humans have with animals like the black birds that migrate through the Rio Grande Valley. By contemplating their massiveness and greatness in the way that they move flying as a flock, I understand the incalculable movement of the human masses. My goal is to explore the black bird’s silhouette in all the possibilities that can be made.

My work relates to the artwork of Americans such as, Morris Graves, Leonard Baskin (1922-2000) and James McGarrell (1930). The surrealistic complexity of line and texture obtained in the woodcuts by Baskin are an example of the effect I want to accomplish technically. With the combination of McGarrel’s (watercolors) bright colors and freedom of line, he has the same exactitud and cleanliness in the graphic line as Baskin. In Puerto Rico graphic artists like Lorenzo Homar (1913-2004) and Martin Garcia passed down to me the study of Leonard Baskin’s woodcut technique. Lorenzo Homar will always be for me a source of study for the perfection of the graphic arts as well in the general sense of his work.


I am using the plate (wood, metal, plastic, etc.) as the main surface to apply color and textures that can be used to produce a print, and also as an art work in itself with drawn, painted, and half carved surfaces, revealing in some areas the original material. I intend to place my artwork in familiar places such as furniture, shelter, or simply float them in the air as mobiles or as relief sculptures on a wall.

-Isaac Santiago.


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